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Preveli – Phaistos – Matala – Spili

Our tour to the South of Crete combines the beauty of the nature, history, religion, legends and the most important… the Cretan hospitality.
Passing the Kourtaliotiko gorge we continue to the monastery of Preveli, a religious and cultural centre of the local population.
Afterwards we continue to Preveli palm beach, the impressive Cretan Amazon.
Later you will have the possibility to understand of what we call in Greek “parea”, having a little snack tasting the local hospitality.
At the village of Matala, the famous caved beach, you visit the last resort of Hippies.
On the next stop, prepare to explore the ancient world of Phaistos, one of the most important archeological sites of the Minoan civilization.
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Small South Beauty

If you consider your vacations as chance to do a small trip, so you can have the rest of the day for yourself, then this is the trip for you. The magnificent small tour to the charming south of Crete will give you the opportunity to see the beauty of the nature, scenic traditional villages, beautiful beaches and several more.
Argiroupolis waterfalls will be our first stop in morning. The village of Argiroupolis (ancient Lappa) preserves venetian inscriptions and roman signs. Afterwards, passing Kotsifou gorge we continue to Plakias. Next stop will be the beautiful Damnoni Bay. On the way back we pass throught the impressive Kourtaliotiko gorge.
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Traditional Villages

Amari (Dam of The Rivers) – Agia GaliniSpili

This coach – tour leads you through beautiful landscapes and villages in the heart of Crete. You don’t have to go to superlatives or to reach the peak of the Ida mountains range at a height of 2.456m to get an impression of the wild nature in this region. Half hour walking in the mountain range Kedros by the village of Ano Meros and you have the majestic view in front of you. The survival of every living creature depends on knowing the places, where water – the essence of life – can be found. Kaloidena is such a place, and from here you can enjoy the impressive mountains landscape. Plane trees, dry rivers, the voices of the shepherds – that you often do not see – make time stand still. The Byzantine monuments of Agios Ioannis and Sotiras Christos of Kaloidena are major chapels in the area of Amari. We finish our tour on the South coast of Agia Galini where you can swim or refresh yourself. Fantastic landscapes, olive trees, gorges, mountains, crystal clear water and history makes this coach – tour a fantastic adventure in the heart of the island. During the tour, you will have the chance to visit the fantastic dam of the rivers.

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Margarites – Arkadi – Agios Antonios (Gorge) “A Day in Nature”

This walking and coach tour includes varied colourful nature and Cretan history. First we visit the village of Margarites, famous for its traditional pottery, an art that dates back to the era of Minoan Crete. Our second stop is the monastery of Arcadi, a symbol of the Cretan struggle for freedom and a very important monument for all Europeans. Finally we visit the gorge of Agios Antonios, one of the most beautiful evergreen trails. The gorge is 5km long and we walk through and you will have the chance to admire the wild Cretan nature.
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Knossos – Museum (Heraklion)

On this excursion you have the opportunity to visit the excavation sites of the Palace of Knossos, built in 2000 BC.

Knossos was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the residence of King Minos. Some believe, that the intricate Palace with its many rooms was the mythical Labyrinth. By discovering the site not too long ago, archeologists found the first of all advanced civilizations in Europe.

The tour is followed by a visit to the Museum of Heraklion, where you can see the largest collection of Minoan findings from Crete.

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Knossos – Spinalonga – Agios Nikolaos

Visit the most famous and popular of all attractions in Crete, the Palace of Knossos. Join us on a journey back 5000 years into myths and legends and learn the secrets of the oldest civilisation in Europe, the Minoans. Hear all about the legendary labyrinth and the Minotaur, the half-human monster. This site brings history and legend to life and is a must see on any visit to Crete. Then, continue further to the East of the island towards the famous resort of Elounda where you will make a boat cruise towards the island of Spinalonga. This small island houses an  impressive Venetian fortress and was a leper colony until 1950s. In the afternoon, enjoy free time in the pretty town of Agios Nikolaos famous for its small lake in the center.
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Elafonisi – Balos

This excursion combines the 2 most famous beaches of Crete. Our first stop is at Elafonisi and the absolute highlight waits for you with shallow, clear waters, fine white sands that glitter in pink, purple and red at the water’s edge. You can swim, tan and relax, but do not forget to take a walk in the sand dunes. Next we are going at Balos. This hidden paradise is famed to be one of the most beautiful spots in Greece, a perfect place to lie back and relax. The water in the lagoon is an ankle-high, a perfect picture post-card idyll. Discover the lagoon, relax and play and feel like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.

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Kournas Lake – Chania – Elafonisi

In the morning, after a short stop at the pretty lake of Kournas you discover the absolute star among the cities of Crete, Chania, with it’s small winding back streets and beautifully restored Venetian and Turkish homes. Wander along the long stretched promenade in the famous old port and enjoy panoramic views at every step you take. You have time for shopping or simply wandering about at your leisure. Then, it is off to the South, through one the most scenic parts of the island: pictures – pretty villages with colourful flowers everywhere, green chestnut forests and deep gorges. The absolute highlight waits for you in the deep South – the breathtaking lagoon of Elafonisi with it shallow, clear waters, fine white sands that glitter in pink, purple and red at the water’s edge. You can swim, tan and relax, but do not forget to take a walk in the sand dunes.